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Overview: This generator is designed to make a wide variety of dragons, with as much customization as reasonable. You can just choose a type and age and generate, or you can select nonstandard stats and add templates.

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Dragon's Lair Dragon Generator - This is a VB executable (designed for Win 95/98/ME/2000). Enter color and age, or let it choose one at random (subject to alignment/CR restrictions, if you add them). Clean, easy to use.
Instant dragon generator - This generator allows you to select a dragon type or CR and get back text. It doesn't do stats – but that's what other generators are for!

Dragon type: The particular race or kind of dragon.

Age category: Groups based on the age (and thus, power) of the dragon. Wyrmling (0-5 years), very young (6-15 years), young (16-25 years), Juvenile (26-50 years), young adult (51-100 years), adult (101-200 years), mature adult (201-400 years), old (401-600 years), very old (601-800 years), ancient (801-1000 years), wyrm (1001-1200 years), great wyrm (1201 years or older). Some sourcebooks use other age categories (e.g. WotC's ELH, Mongoose's Slayer's Guide to Dragons); I may add such a category to the generator, provided it's open content.

Advancement: The number of Hit Dice to advance. This may modify the CR (using the old, inaccurate rules – I'm waiting for an SRD update). You can advance a dragon beyond its normal limit, but the generator will warn you against so doing.

Base stat type: The base (unmodified) stats of the dragon. For example, red dragons have folowing base stats (at all ages): Str 11, Dex 10, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 10. Their racial ability modifiers apply to these, as normal. Choose "standard" to generate a dragon with stats as written; "random" to roll 3d6 for the base stats, and "choose" to enter yoru own base stats. This could be useful for "boss" dragons as well as PC dragons wit elite stats.

Templates: Check whatever templates apply. Illegal or silly combinations can't be selected; there are no celestial half-fiend red dragons, for example, and the celestial half-celestial just sounds silly. I may add more templates as time and the OGL allow.

Open new window: If you want to copy/paste the HTML for the dragon, or just like pop-ups, select this option. The HTML behind the dragons should be pretty clean; I like well-organized code.

Make dragon: Makes the dragon's stats. Choose stat block for a compact format, or MM block for the more verbose style used in monster books.

Known bugs: