Dragon List

NameSourceCompanyPagesAge CategoriesOGC?CRs
Abyssal dragonArmies of the Abyss Web EnhancementGreen Ronin Publishing1-2N/A (Template)Yes+2
Abyssal serpentThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing18-201-13Yes3-30
Adamantite dragonCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-21-12Yes6-31
Amethyst dragonMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast79-801-12No3-25
Amethyst dragonPsionics Handbook Web EnhancementWizards of the Coast1-21-12No3-25
Aqua dragonAquelaAquela11-12Yes2-23
Azure dragonChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve101-1031-12Yes4-30
Baal ShiruatThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing31-33N/A (Unique)Yes21
BahamutManual of the PlanesWizards of the Coast133N/A (Unique)No25
BahamutDeities and DemigodsWizards of the Coast58-60N/A (Unique)NoN/A
Barauthas/Spitting drakeDragon #284Wizards of the Coast92-93N/ANo9
Bile wyrmDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games5-61-12Yes2-24
Black dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast63-641-12Yes*2-21
Blast drakeEnchiridion of Mystic MusicS.T. Cooley Publishing66N/AYes2
Blast drakeNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes2
Blast lizardDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games7N/AYes3
BlighterghastMonsternomiconPrivateer Press49-50N/A?66
Blue dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast65-661-12Yes*2-24
Brass dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast70-711-12Yes*2-22
Bronze dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast71-721-12Yes*2-24
Brown drageNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes1
Brown dragonMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast381-12No2-24
Cairn wyrmThee Compleat Librum ov Gar'Udok's Necromantic ArtesAmbient28-301-12Yes2-24
Carp dragon/Yu lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast154-1551-3No2-6
Carrion dragonDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group95-961-12?2-24
Cave wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 84-851-4No5-23
Cavern dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games8-101-12Yes2-21
Caustic drakeNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes2
Celestial dragon/T'ien lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast161-1624-12No10-26
Cloud dragonTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games109-1101-12Yes3-25
Cloud dragonCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-21-12Yes3-25
Coiled dragon/Pan lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast158-1594-12No7-22
Copper dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast731-12Yes*2-24
Corpse tearerMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast141-143N/ANo28
Courier drakeDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games25-261-4Yes1-4
Crested felldrakeMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast97-98N/ANo1
Crystal dragonMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast81-821-12No2-23
Crystal dragonPsionics Handbook Web EnhancementWizards of the Coast3-41-12No2-23
Chthonian dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games10-131-12Yes3-25
Cursed wurmThe World of DraelorThe World of Draelor1N/A (Template)Yesx3/4
Daiteen dragonChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve104-1051-12Yes3-24
Deep dragonMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast401-12No2-24
Diamondback dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games13-151-12Yes3-24
Dire dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games16-181-12Yes2-19
DrakoliskTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games108N/AYes7
DragoncatMenagerieViking Games18N/AYes9
DragonkinThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing20-21N/A (Template)Yes-2
Dragon of benevolent wisdomDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group96-97N/A?25
Dragon of elemental fireDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group83-84N/A?15
Dragon of elemental waterDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group84-86N/A?15
Dragon of MelniboneDragon Lords of MelniboneChaosium141-142N/ANo18
Dragon of misruleDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group99-1001-12?2-22
Dragon of primal airDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group80-81N/A?15
Dragon of primal earthDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group82-83N/A?15
Dragon of whispersDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group98-991-12?2-22
DragonsharkDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games18-19N/AYes19
Dragon steedHomebrew Creature SiteHomebrew Creature Site1N/AYes4
Dragon turtleMonster ManualWizards of the Coast76-77N/AYes*9
Dragoth workerDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games20-21N/AYes2
Dragoth knightDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games20-22N/AYes4**
Dragoth adeptDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games20, 22-23N/AYes6**
DravernHomebrew Creature SiteHomebrew Creature Site1N/AYes??
Dread linnormMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast141-142N/ANo25
Earth dragon/Li lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast156-1574-12No8-24
Emerald dragonMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast82-831-12No2-24
Emerald dragonPsionics Handbook Web EnhancementWizards of the Coast4-51-12No2-24
Entropic dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games32-341-12Yes3-25
Ermalkankari/Stone drakeDragon #284Wizards of the Coast93N/ANo10
Ethereal dragonMinions: Fearsome FoesBastion Press29-306Yes15
Fairy dragonTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games110-111N/AYes2
Faerie dragonCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-2N/AYes2
Fang dragonMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast411-12No2-21
Fire drakeTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games115-116N/AYes4
FiredrakeCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-2N/AYes4
Firewrack dragonCreature CollectionSword and Sorcery Studios54N/AYes10
Flame drakeNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes2
Force dragonEpic Level HandbookWizards of the Coast182-1841-12+No13-59
Force drakeNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes2
Forest wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-801-4No5-23
Frost drakeNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes2
Gas dragonChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve106-1071-12Yes2-24
Gold dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast74-751-12Yes*4-26
Grassland wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 821-4No5-23
Gravereaper dragonChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve108-1101-12Yes1-20
Gray linnormMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast141-142N/ANo20
Greater dragon turtleThe World of DraelorThe World of Draelor11-12Yes2-24
Greed dragonThe Kid's Colouring Book o Critters - Celebrity EditionAmbient10-111-12Yes3-26
Green dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast66-671-12Yes*2-23
Guardian drakeDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games26-271-4Yes3-11
HalfaugMonsternomiconPrivateer Press51-52N/A?49
Half-dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast214-215N/A (Template)Yes*+2
Hellfire wyrmMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast125N/ANo26
Hell wormThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing21-241-13Yes1-31
Hill wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 831-4No5-23
Horned felldrakeMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast98-99N/ANo3
Howling dragonDragon #300Paizo Publishing29-301-12No5-26
Hunting horrorCall of ChtulhuWizards of the Coast173N/ANo20
IbrandlinMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast62N/ANo5
Ice drakeTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games116N/AYes4
Ice lizard/Ice drakeCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1N/AYes3
Jade dragonJade Dragons and Hungry GhostsGreen Ronin Publishing10,121-12Yes3-24
Jade dragonCreatures of RokuganAlderac Entertainment Group33-34N/AYes8
Kanite marsh drakeChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve113N/AYes3
Kanite shadow drakeChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve114N/AYes11
Lava wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 83-841-4No5-23
LeviathanChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve146-147N/A (Unique)Yes35
Mardallond/Mead drakeDragon #284Wizards of the Coast94N/ANo7
Mercury dragonCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-21-12Yes1-20
Mirth drakeThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing24-25N/AYes2
Mist dragonTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games111-1121-12Yes3-23
Mist dragonCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-21-12Yes3-23
Mistwood drakeHomebrew Creature SiteHomebrew Creature Site1N/AYes3
Mistwood drakeChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve115N/AYes3
Molten dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games34-361-12Yes2-21
Moon dragonThe Shattered FractineThe Shattered Fractine11-12Yes1-21
Mountain wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 841-4No5-23
Orange drageNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes1
Null dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games36-37N/AYes17
Obsidian dragonThe Mind's EyeWizards of the Coast11-12No3-25
Oceanic dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games38-401-12Yes2-24
OrochiCreatures of RokuganAlderac Entertainment Group59N/AYes15
Planar drakeDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games281-4Yes6-15
Platinum dragonThe World of DraelorThe World of Draelor11-12Yes5-29
Poison dragonJade Dragons and Hungry GhostsGreen Ronin Publishing10-131-8Yes3-13
PseudodragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast152N/AYes*1
Pseudo-shadow dragonNeo's DatalinkNeo's Datalink1-2N/ANo3
Prismatic dragonEpic Level HandbookWizards of the Coast184-1861-12+No14-66
Psionic drakePsionics ToolkitSword and Sorcery Studios40N/A?1-20
Purple drageNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes1
Pyroclastic dragonDragon #300Paizo Publishing30-311-12No4-24
Radiant dragonThe Shattered FractineThe Shattered Fractine11-12Yes7-33
Rainbow drageNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes1
Red dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast67-681-12Yes*3-25
Reef dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games40-421-12Yes1-20
Rift dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games44-461-12Yes2-19
River dragon/Chiang lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast155-1564-12No9-25
River wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 821-4No5-23
Rock dragonThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing25-281-13Yes2-28
Royal purple dragonThe World of DraelorThe World of Draelor11-12Yes4-28
Rust dragonDragon #300Paizo Publishing31-331-12No3-24
RyujinJade Dragons and Hungry GhostsGreen Ronin Publishing39-40N/A (Unique)Yes25
Salt drakeTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games116-117N/AYes9
Sand wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-811-4No5-23
Sapphire dragonMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast84-851-12No2-24
Sapphire dragonPsionics Handbook Web EnhancementWizards of the Coast5-61-12No2-24
SardiorThe Mind's EyeWizards of the Coast1N/A (Unique)NoN/A
ScaefangMonsternomiconPrivateer Press48-49N/A?60
ScalamagdrionMagic of FaernWizards of the Coast188N/ANo7
Scout drakeDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games29-301-4Yes1-7
Sea drakeSeas of BloodMongoose Publishing108N/A?9
Sea dragonThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing28-311-13Yes2-26
Sea dragon/Lung wangOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast157-1584-12No10-26
Seawrack dragonCreature CollectionSword and Sorcery Studios55N/AYes6
Sea wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 81-821-4No5-23
Shadow dragonMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast421-12No2-23
Silver dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast75-761-12Yes*3-25
Skulking dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games48-49N/AYes7
Sky drakeChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve116-117N/AYes7
Slarecian dragonCreature Collection IISword and Sorcery Studios61-621-12Yes2-24
Song dragonMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast441-12No2-24
Soul dragonFantasiumFantasium1-21-12No2-24
Space dragonDragonstar Guide to the GalaxyFantasy Flight Games98-1001-12Yes?3-25
Spirit dragon/Shen lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast159-1614-12No8-24
Spitting felldrakeMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast98N/ANo2
Star dragonDragonstar Guide to the GalaxyFantasy Flight Games100-1021-12Yes?4-26
Static drakeNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes2
Steel dragon(RPG) creature database(RPG) creature database11-12No4-32
Stellar dragonThe Shattered FractineThe Shattered Fractine11-12Yes13-34
Storm dragonChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve111-1121-12Yes2-24
Storm wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 841-4No5-23
Styx dragonDragon #300Paizo Publishing33, 361-12No3-23
Sun dragonThe Shattered FractineThe Shattered Fractine11-12Yes2-19
Swamp wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-79, 811-4No5-23
Tar dragonCreature CollectionSword and Sorcery Studios51-52N/AYes18
Tarterian dragonDragon #300Paizo Publishing37-381-12No5-25
Thung-lungJade Dragons and Hungry GhostsGreen Ronin Publishing51N/AYes24
TiamatManual of the PlanesWizards of the Coast118N/A (Unique)No25
TiamatDeities and DemigodsWizards of the Coast93-94N/A (Unique)NoN/A
Tome lizardDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games50-51N/AYes2
Topaz dragonMonster Manual IIWizards of the Coast85-871-12No3-25
Topaz dragonPsionics Handbook Web EnhancementWizards of the Coast7-81-12No3-25
Trilligarg/Chameleon drakeDragon #284Wizards of the Coast95N/ANo5
Tundra wurmDragon #296Wizards of the Coast78-801-4No5-23
Typhoon dragon/Tun mi lungOriental AdventuresWizards of the Coast162-1634-12No9-25
UlulatrixMonster MayhemWizards of the Coast1N/ANo11
Vallochar/Web drakeDragon #284Wizards of the Coast96N/ANo9
Verdant dragonChance EncountersMark L. Chance's d20 System Content23-24N/AYes11
Vermin dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games51-531-12Yes2-23
Waste runnerDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games54N/AYes5
Watch drakeHomebrew Creature SiteHomebrew Creature Site1N/AYes4
Watcher drakeDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games30-311-4Yes½-3
Watch wyrmDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games55-56N/AYes7
Web dragonThe Slayer's Guide to DragonsMongoose Publishing33-341-13Yes1-14
WhipwingDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games56-57N/AYes3
White dragonMonster ManualWizards of the Coast68-691-12Yes*1-20
Wild dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games57-601-12Yes3-25
Wind lizardDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games60-61N/AYes2
Woodwrack dragonCreature CollectionSword and Sorcery Studios56N/AYes12
Wooly dragonDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games61-631-12Yes2-22
WyrmCreatures of RokuganAlderac Entertainment Group79N/AYes4
Wyrmd20 Modern RPGWizards of the Coast2651-2Yes*6-17
WyvernMonster ManualWizards of the Coast186N/AYes*6
Yellow drageNetbook of CreaturesNetbook of Creatures1N/AYes1
Yellow dragonCreature CatalogCreature Catalog1-21-12Yes2-23

* The books these dragons appear in are not published under the Open Gaming License, but the dragons also appear in the System Reference Document or Modern System Reference Document.

While this dragon is Open Game Content, its name is Product Identity.

The dragon is not listed as OGC, but as the rules for the dragon derive from the System Reference Document, I'm told that it is OGC regardless of designation. If you intend to use the dragon in a published work, I highly recommend contacting both a lawyer and the company writing the dragon.

** Chromatic dragoth knights are CR 5; chromatic dragoth adepts are CR 8.

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Dragonlike Creatures

NameTypeSourceCompanyPagesAge CategoriesOGC?CRs
DracolichUndeadMonsters of FaernWizards of the Coast?N/A (Template)No+3
Dragon ghostUndeadDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group89-91N/A (Template)?+1
Dragon golemConstructDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group93-94N/A (Template)?+0
Elemental air dragonElementalTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games127-128N/AYes18
Elemental earth dragonElementalTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games128-129N/AYes20
Elemental fire dragonElementalTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games129-130N/AYes22
Elemental water dragonElementalTome of HorrorsNecromancer Games130-131N/AYes18
Ghoul dragonUndeadDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group87-89N/A (Template)?+0
Mummified dragonUndeadDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group91-92N/A?17
Revenant dragonUndeadDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games43N/A (Template)Yes+3
Rot dragonUndeadDraconic LoreFantasy Flight Games46-481-12Yes1-23
Skeletal dragonUndeadDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group86-87N/A?2-25
Vampiric dragonUndeadDragonsAlderac Entertainment Group92-93N/A (Template)?+2
Winding wyrmConstructChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve204-205N/AYes14
Zombie dragonUndeadChronicles of TerrorThe Reprieve236-237N/A (Template)Yes+2

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General notes
This is a list of all the dragons I found in various Third Edition products. In general, the list contains creatures with the Dragon type, even if they are not 'true' dragons. Thus, the dragon turtle is included, but not the dracolich, which is undead. Templates are included as long as the result is always a dragon, either as a result of the template (half-dragon) or the requirements (abyssal dragon). Unique dragons are included as long as they are not of an existing type.
The half-dragon has been 'extended' a number of times. Black Falcon Aerie extended it to include gem and Monsters of Faern dragons. City of the Spider Queen also has rules for Monsters of Faern half-dragons. Dragon #300 has rules for its own fiendish half-dragons. There is an excellent alternate half-dragon page Endzone.
BADD (no, not that BADD) has lots of information on dragons: stats, articles, links, etc.

Counting the dragons
It is difficult to count the number of dragons. There are over two hundred entries on the above lists, but some are duplicates (Tiamat appears in two forms, for example, and the mistwood drake appears twice in near-identical forms), templates, and creatures not generally considered dragons but with the Dragon type (e.g. wyrven). Depending on the method used to count the dragons, there could be many fewer.

The names, where possible, link to a source for their stats.

This is the book or website with the dragon. When possible, thse link to EN World's review page for that product; it is a great compillation of reviews (both internal and external), and provides links to important things like errata.

Company names link to their respective websites. While Dragon magazine is now published by Paizo Publishing, it is still owned by Wizards of the Coast.

The wurms from Dragon #296 use nonstandard age categories: Wurmling, Adult Wurm, Greater Wurm, and Elder Wurm. The Slayer's Guide to Dragons uses standard age categories, plus Draco Invictus. The drakes of Draconic Lore have Hatchling, Adult, Old, and Elder Drake. The ELH dragons have special advancement rules for going beyond great wyrm (for the core dragons as well as those in the ELH itself). The wyrm from d20 Modern goes from hatchling to adult.

Is the dragon is released under the terms of the Open Gaming License? (Notice the footnotes!)

Many thanks to Vince "Silver Wyrm" Horrell for help finding the dragons!

The OGC information on this page is correct to the best of my knowledge, but I am not a lawyer. Nothing on this page is to be construed as legal advice.
Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
This page contains no Open Game Content.