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Overview: This generator is designed to facilitate quick and easy creation of new races and modification of existing races. While there are a great number of fields, most of these automatically fill with relevant values after you choose your race's basics: size and type.

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Size: The size of a typical adult member of the new race.

FineHousefly6 in or less1/8 lb or less
DiminutiveToad6 in - 1 ft1/8 lb - 1 lb
TinyCat1 ft - 2 ft1 lb - 8 lb
SmallSmall dog2 ft - 4 ft8 lb - 60 lb
Medium-sizeHuman4 ft - 8 ft60 lb - 500 lb
LargeHorse8 ft - 16 ft500 lb - 4,000 lb
HugeWagon16 ft - 32 ft4,000 lb - 32,000 lb
GargantuanNarrow side of a barn32 ft - 64 ft32,000 lb - 250,000 lb
ColossalBroad side of a barn64 ft or more250,000 lb or more

Type: A general description of the creature. The choice of type determines Hit Die type, good saves, base attack bonuses, and certain special abilities.

Subtype: The parenthetical field after the type is the subtype. All humanoid creatures have subtypes. For example, a drow's stat block includes "Humanoid (elf)". This means that a drow is of type Humanoid and subtype elf. Certain subtypes have rules implications: cold, fire, and incrporeal. The generator explains these qualities at the bottom of the generated form (add the "fire" subtype to a creature, click "generate", and see what I mean). Outsiders have subtypes according to alignment: Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful. Other subtypes: Aquatic, dwarf, elf, goblinoid, gnome, halfling, orc, etc.

Hit Dice: The creature's Hit Dice automatically fill based on the size and type. You can change the HD to any value you choose, and the generator will automatically recalculate base attack and base save bonuses.

Ability scores: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intellegence, Wisdom, and Charisma. The generator sets the first three (the physical stats) based on size and type, but they can be changed to any values. Use three dashes (---) to represent a nonability.

Natural armor: Choose a number representing the creature's thick skin, scales, or other natural protection. Examples: human (0 natural armor), kobold (1 natural armor), hill giant (9 natural armor), and tarrasque (30 natural armor).

Armor & shield: If the creature typically wears armor or wields a shield, select one or both from the list, then select its type (normal, masterwork, or +1 through +5).

Target AC: If you want your non-armor-wearing creature to have a certain armor class, simply type it here and the generator adjusts your natural armor accordingly. The AC will be set to the chosen number if possible (or the natural armor will be set to 0).

Attacks: The generator pre-sets attack damage based on size and type and atomatically selects the most damaging one. These values can be adjusted at any time, including a change to a manufactured weapon (such as greataxe). If you use the CR estimators, only enter the best set of weapons it can attack with at one time.

Speed: Fill in this area with the creature's complete speed, as you want it to apperar in the final copy. a typical speed would be "20 ft, fly 40 ft (average)." The first number given is the tactical walking/running speed; for unencumbered humans, this is 30 ft. Other methods of movement are listed after this, with their name (and manuverability, if the movement is flying). General methods of movement include walking, flying, swimming, climbing, and burowing.

Alignment: The race's alignment spread. It begins with "Always," "Usually," or "Often," and continues with the alignment or alignments ("neutral good" or "chaotic evil").

Skills: The race's typical skills and their modifiers; for example, "Listen +3, Spot +3".

Feats: The race's typcial choice of feats.

SA: List the race's special attacks here by name.

SQ: List the creature's special qualities here. Do not include an ability here if it is already checked below.

Checkboxes: Check any boxes pertaining to this race. For Internet Explorer users, many of these names can be double-clicked for additional information.

CR: The race's challenge Rating. There are three ways to decide a CR: Charles' CR Estimator, Dragon's CR Guesstimator, and manual entry; simply select the appropriate optio to switch between these ways.

Known bugs: There is no way to add magical weapons to races; for example, the ghaele (a celestial) is listed as wielding a greatsword instead of a +4 greatsword.