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Internet Explorer Users - Just double-click an item's name for a description. For example, "Str" for a description of Strength, or "Feats" for how many feats your character has.
Race: Your character's race. This stat block generator supports the seven Player's Handbook races as well as drow, goblin, hobgoblin, orc, kender, and merfolk.
Classes: Class abbreviation followed (no space) by level; multiple choices are separated by commas or slashes. For example: "Mnk4" "Drd3/Rgr2" or "Rog9, Asn1". Supported classes are the core PC and NPC classes, as well as DMG prestige classes: barbarian (Bbn), bard (Brd), cleric (Clr), druid (Drd), fighter (Ftr), monk (Mnk), paladin (Pal), ranger (Rgr), rogue (Rog), sorcerer (Sor), wizard (Wiz), adept (Adp), aristocrat (Ari), commoner (Com), expert (Exp), warrior (War), arcane archer (Arc), assassin (Asn), blackguard (Blk), dwarven defender (Def), loremaster (Lor), and shadowdancer (Shd). Specialist wizards use an abbreviation different than Wiz; a 3rd-level wizard specialized in necromancy who had a level in fighter would be "Ftr1, Nec3". The specialist abbreviations are: abjurer (Abj), conjurer (Cjr), diviner (Div), enchanter (Enc), evoker (Evo), illusionist (Ill), necromancer (Nec), and transmuter (Tra).
Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha: Your character's ability scores. Click "Roll random stats" to roll random NPC stats (3d6, assigned in order). Note that these stats are adjusted by race.
Alignment: 2-letter abbreviation. Lawful Good (LG), Chaotic Neutral (CN), Neutral (N), etc.
Feats: List feats; any specific information (including multiples for Extra Turning or Toughness) should be parenthetical. Example: Combat Casting, Extra Turning (x2), Weapon Focus (heavy mace).
Spells: Currently, this stat block generator calculates spell progression for clerics, druids, sorcerers, wizards, and adepts, but not for bards, paladins, or rangers.
Items: List any items carried by your character. If multiple versions of the same weapon are present, the first one is assumed to be wielded. For example, if the items were listed as "mw longsword, tanglefoot bag, +2 longsword," the stat block would asume the mw longsword was used instead of the +2 longsword.