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Version 2.00 of the stat block generator introduced some major changes:

Supported formats: Supported races: Supported classes: Supported weapons: Supported armors:

Alignments: Lawful Good (LG), Lawful Neutral (LN), Lawful Evil (LE), Neutral Good (NG), Neutral/True Neutral (N), Neutral Evil (NE), Chaotic Good (CG), Chaotic Neutral (CN), Chaotic Evil (CE).
Defaults: All entries are optional. The default is a male human War1. Stats default to the average 10 or 11, adjusted by race. Hit points default to the average (non-elite) amount, based on class and Constitution.
Program limitations: This program makes a few basic assumptions: a character is equipped only with weapons he/she is proficient with, nonevil clerics use positive energy rather than negative energy, and all equipment listed is used.
Known bugs: When a weapon's name includes another ('zakhar blowgun' includes 'blowgun'), both weapons are shown. Two-handed weapons do not deal 1.5 * Str bonus. Two of the RPGA prestige class abbreviations are unsupported (use Dungeon abbreviations). If you find any bugs not on this list, or know of a way to solve any of these using JavaScript, please e-mail me at Thanks!
Uses: This page is useful not only for PC generation, but for NPCs, making this page especially good for adventure designers or adventure converters.